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Re: installing on a g5

There has been success with installing on a g5. You might have to go back 
through the archives during 2012. 

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> On Mar 19, 2014, at 16:46, Christian Groessler 
> <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
> Hi again,
>> On 03/13/14 00:03, Christian Groessler wrote:
>> I'm trying to install -current on a dual PowerMac G5 which was recently 
>> given to me.
>> ofwboot.xcf seems to crash before it starts to load the kernel. I found a 
>> similar problem
>> in the archives 
>> (http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-macppc/2009/09/27/msg000876.html)
>> but there was no response to this message.
>> I've tried the latest ofwboot.xcf as well as older ones lying around over 
>> here, but I always
>> get the same crash, which is described in the message cited above. For the 
>> different
>> ofwboot.xcfs the SRR0 values are slightly different which I interpret as the 
>> crash address.
>> http://www.netbsd.org/ports/macppc/models.html cites G5 PowerMacs as being 
>> supported,
>> so what is wrong?
>> Am I missing a OF setting I need to make or something?
> Hmm, no response. Is this list still alive?
> I did some research, and ofwboot.xcf crashes in 
> sys/lib/libsa/loadfile_elf32.c, function loadfile().
> It tries to load the kernel to address 0x100000.
> I've added a line of code to write something to 0x100000 just before the 
> READ() call,
> with a printf before and after.
> The printf before appears, but not the printf after. So it seems that address 
> 0x100000
> is not writable (or present).
> dev /openprom
> .properties
> reports Openfirmware 4.
> So it looks like Openfirmware 4 is not supported. Is this correct?
> regards,
> chris

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