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observations with "HAVE_GCC=48"

Following some recent commits, a release build completes without
problems when using gcc 4.8.3.

Runtime is another matter.

'ofwboot.xcf' built with gcc 4.8.3 incurs:

  DEFAULT CATCH!,  code=300 at    %SRR0: 00e0e714    %SRR1: 00083030

Attempting to boot anything else afterwards without resetting results in:

  CLAIM failed

Following reset, booting with gcc-4.5.4-built 'ofwboot.xcf' works,
but a gcc-4.8.3-built GENERIC kernel panics with:

  No ADB support present, assuming USB keyboard
  mem region 0 start=0 size=20000000
  mem region 1 start=20000000 size=20000000
  mem region 2 start=40000000 size=20000000
  mem region 3 start=60000000 size=20000000
  avail region 0 start=0xc000 size=0xdf4000
  avail region 1 start=0xe1b000 size=0x7ede5000
  panic: pmap_steal_memory: no appropriate memory to steal!
  Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  netbsd:vpanic+0x13c:     or     r3, r29, r29
  0x656eade0: at panic+0x4c
  0x656eae20: at pmap_steal_memory+0x18c
  0x656eae50: at uvm_page_init+0x134
  0x656eaea0: at uvm_init+0x44
  0x656eaec0: at main+0x5c
  0x656eaf10: at 0x1000a4

The target machine is a PowerMac G4 (AGP Graphics)--"sawtooth" IIRC--
with stock 400MHz MPC 7400 and 2GB RAM.

I'll see about building a debug version of the kernel for more info.

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