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Re: Problems with extra packages on -current?

>> Finally getting back to poking at macppc stuff.  Currently running
>> 6.99.17 from 20130215 or thereabouts, but there's things I've noticed
>> since about 6.99.11.
>> First, compiling large packages, namely lang/perl5, fails with the
>> following message:
>> [...]
>> Processing SpecialCasing.txt
>> Processing LineBreak.txt
>> Processing EastAsianWidth.txt
>> panic: memory wrap at lib/unicore/mktables line 9980, <$file_handle>
>> line 7591.
>> *** Error code 25
>> Stop.
>> make: stopped in /var/tmp/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/perl-5.16.2
>> *** Error code 1
>> [...]
>> The "panic" message must be from perl's build system as the system
>> stays up.
>> 'ulimit -a' shows:
>> 1040 [sysop@bondi:~]$ ulimit -a
>> time(cpu-seconds)    unlimited
>> file(blocks)         unlimited
>> coredump(blocks)     unlimited
>> data(kbytes)         262144
>> stack(kbytes)        2048
>> lockedmem(kbytes)    82488
>> memory(kbytes)       247464
>> nofiles(descriptors) 128
>> processes            160
>> threads              160
>> vmemory(kbytes)      unlimited
>> sbsize(bytes)        unlimited
>> Although this is on my 256MB iMac, I've had the same problem on my 1GB
>> G4 Powerbook.  I forget what I did to work around the problem now, but
>> I'm pretty sure unlimiting one of the above items was involved.
>I saw this problem on my PPC Mac Mini as well; what I did (if
>memory serves), was to increase the data segment limit to 768M.
>It can probably be argued that failing in this way is a bug, and
>that bumping into the data segment resource limit should elicit
>a better error message.
>As for the other problems you mention, I'm sorry that I don't
>have a suggestion for the root cause of the problem.
>Best regards,
>- Håvard

My recent experience may be relevant.

I upgraded recently from 5.0.x (5.0.2?) to NetBSD 6.0.1 on my production server.

I have users that use a lot of perl, and I have to keep their
CPAN modules installed and up to date.  To keep my life simple,
I just do a cpan "upgrade", and let it run.

I tried to do this after the upgrade to 6.0.1, and it failed with this
same panic.  The package I had installed for perl was perl-5.14.2nb5 from
the 6.0_2012Q3 "batch".  After struggling with this a little, I decided to try
the perl from 6.0_2012Q4, which is perl-5.16.2nb1  When I upgraded perl
to the 5.16 package, the panics went away.

This is not necessarily a solution.  The root problem could be anywhere,
but I hope this is a useful data point.


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