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Re: original iMac problems

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On Jul 6, 2012, at 1:14 AM, John D. Baker wrote:

What happens if you start X and exit immediately? Does that result in
a readable console with machfb? I bet it's something fairly trivial
which would be easy to fix if I could just reproduce it.

From cold start, dropping into userconf to disable atabus, logging
in blind and typing 'startx'.

There's a flash of white at the right edge of the top 1/16 of the screen.
The screen goes completely black for a few seconds, then displays an
in-sync pattern of hash like art-deco fabric--very purple.  There's a
black band across the screen about 1/8 the way down about 3/8 screen
height.  There's a rectangle of grey hash almost 1/4 screen high and
1/2 screen wide located 1/8 screen from the left.

So X doesn't get things right either? It should at the very least get its hash pattern all over the screen, in the right colours, and you have enough video memory to do 1024x768 in 24bit. Now we're officially entering twilight zone territory. The reason why I asked this is this - I suspect we're not initializing enough of the drawing engine, and on other hardware this is no problem because the firmware did it for us. I wanted to see if X initializes it so machfb can work right after X exits. Seriously, I've been using machfb ffor ages on various Sun and Apple branded cards and onboard video chips and I've never seen anything like this.

The X cursor never appears.  The keyboard is unresponsive at this
point.  I can log in via ssh and terminate X (had to use -9), but
nothing further can be done from the console.

Any chance to mail me the Xorg.0.log?

I guess next time I see a Rev. A or B iMac at the flea market I need to get it. I even have a video memory module sitting around.

have fun

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