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Re: original iMac problems

On Thu, 5 Jul 2012, Michael wrote:

Black, garbled, out of sync or something completely different?

Bottom 3/4:  black.
Top 1/4: left 1/4: garbled white/grey/(green?) scintilating pixels
Top 1/2: rigght 3/4: alternately white/grey vertical stripes, solid white
or solid black.

Similar to what's shown here:


From my machine's "/var/run/dmesg.boot" when machfb is allowed to attach
(from a 6.99.8 kernel):

  machfb0 at pci0 dev 18 function 0: ATI Technologies 3D Rage Pro (rev. 0x5c)
  machfb0: 16 MB aperture at 0x81000000, 4 KB registers at 0x80881000
  machfb0: 128 KB ROM at 0x00000000
  max_dotclock according to supported modes: 78750
  machfb0: 6144 KB SGRAM 98.924 MHz, maximum RAMDAC clock 230 MHz
  machfb0: initial resolution 1024x768 at 8 bpp
  wsdisplay0 at machfb0 kbdmux 1: console (default, vt100 emulation)
  wsmux1: connecting to wsdisplay0
  direct rendering for machfb0 unsupported

See my thread here:


for 4.x dmesg, etc.

It either picks the wrong mode, fails to set it up properly, or something completely different. Would be nice to nail down which one it is first.

I've reported as much data as I've been asked for to try and figure it
out over the the past 3+ years.  It seem to yet be inconclusive.

See hijack of related thread starting here:


I need to turn "MACHFB_DEBUG" on again...

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