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Build of -current release on OS X fails with segfault in lint

Just to check to see if I'm doing something wrong here: I'm trying to 
cross-compile a -current release on OS X (10.6) using build.sh.  CVS is all up 
to date (using -dP) for cvsroot/usr/src, and I'm running:

./build.sh -U -m macppc release

Somewhere along the line (ironically, it looks like it's while it's compiling 
LintSysNoErr.c in libc), I get the following:

 got SIGsegv

Anyone got any idea how to work around?  Compiler tools generally shouldn't be 
getting segfaults.  When they do, it's been my experience that it's usually a 
hardware problem, but this is consistently happening at exactly the same file, 
so I'm not as willing to believe that right now.

- Dave

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