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Basic install setup on a G3 B&W

This is for installboot.
I've tried /boot as both an HFS partition and within / itself. Installboot complains of the disk /dev/rwd0c(a)(and no variable after 0) that the disk is busy when either mounted or unmounted. I have also tried dd the boot loader to the recommended size of 32m. The error of device busy occurs.

When trying to boot from OF, I'll see "can't find the default partition."

Should the layout be:
wd0a boot hfs
wd0b /(root system) ffsv2
wd0d swap
wd0e /tmp
wd0f /var
wd0g /usr
wd0h /home

If dd does work, what's the proper way of doing it from a Linux live cd: normal dd if & of commands or must both ofwboot and ofwboot.xcf be in a folder?

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