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Nit about defaults - /dev/wd2?

My new server will have 3 ATA disks in it, and I found I had to
go to /dev and MAKEDEV wd2 before I could "see" my third disk.
Unfortunately, this is not so easy when booted from the cd. Worse,
the ATA card gets scanned first, and the "top" disk (my boot disk)
ended up being wd2, so it was an unexpected headache.

I don't remember having this problem in 2.1, or 4.0 when testing setups.
Is the frugal provisioning of disks something new in 5.0?

I know that the vast majority of installs only have one disk, and
two disks are an outlier, but I would think that setting up for 3 or 4
would cover all but the most extreme cases.  (no pun....)

If I had my druthers, I'd set up a couple more disks by default,
especially on the CD, since adding more is not quite trivial.  The cost
of carrying around the extra dev entries is tiny.

My two cents....


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