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Re: OldWorld floppy and serial port work

> Well, that's the problem; I have a 9600, which is probably somewhat
> different than the serial port on the G4 (which is built in, but not
> exposed by default, and I wonder if it's different hardware).  All the way
> back to the original Mac, they've used a Z8530 (just like Sun and everyone
> else who wanted a *real* serial chip), and mac68k works fine.  For me, if
> I look at a man page, it stops responding to serial commands (though it'll
> still output log messages, which is puzzling).  The system log doesn't
> output any debug info, so I'll probably have to start from the top.

I don't know if this is relevant, or perhaps already well known...

The 85C30 in the PM9600 (and all X500/X600 machines) is integrated into
the CURIO chip, which is an AM79C950 (IIRC).  So there's probably a real
85C30 cell in there, but there could be differences.  Also, it's an AMD
implementation, not a Zilog implementation, which again, probably doesn't
matter, but might.

I've never been able to find a datasheet for the AM79C950. 
Freetradezone.com claims to have one, but they're a paid service.  They
used to be free, but I didn't know I wanted *that* datasheet until it was
too late.  They did have a deal once where they'd sell ten datasheets for
$100, so they might be amenable to selling access to one datasheet. 
However, occasionally, (when they were free) I've downloaded datasheets
there and gotten a brochure instead.

The CURIO chips is behind the Apple Grand Central chip, which sits on the
first PCI bus.  Knowing this hardware path might be relevant.

Jeff Walther

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