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Re: Installing and booting and OF3 machine from a single empty internaldisk, not working

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 4:52 AM, Izumi Tsutsui 
<tsutsui%ceres.dti.ne.jp@localhost> wrote:
> I've also put a new bootable install cd with the similar patch.
> ftp://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/tsutsui/iso/macppccd-5.0.1_PATCH-OF3test-20091209.iso.gz
> ftp://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/tsutsui/iso/macppc-OF3test-20091209.diff
> Note this version creates only 1MB FAT12 MSDOS partition for boot.

I "zeroed" out the wd1 disk (ultra1 to the firmware) using the install
kernel's shell like this:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rwd1c bs=512 count=16

Then I installed NetBSD normally (minimal install) with this new iso
you provided.

I cannot boot from the firmware prompt with this command anymore:

boot ultra1:,ofwboot.xcf

This is the output:

0 > boot ultra1:,ofwboot.xcf load-size=e930 adler32=ae3f25ef
unrecognized Client Program format
0 >

So I guess it's either the ofwboot.xcf isn't in the right format, or
maybe it doesn't like FAT12? I don't know.

I installed from the previous iso you made available, then used
upgrade from 20091209 and now the machine will boot from the firmware
prompt again, but the kernel still can't find the root disk:

boot device: <unknown>
root device:

And the keyboard is not working again at this point.

I attached a dmesg from a 5.0.1 netboot environment that works in case
this helps.

Thanks for your work, I really appreciate it. I really hope I can make
this machine into a useable NetBSD machine at some point.

I already could if I built a custom kernel I suppose...


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