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Re: Native Xorg on macppc

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 12:09:21PM -0400, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> I've committed the missing bits&pieces in the last couple of days. The  
> only driver tested so far is r128 ( because I happen to have a Rage  
> 128 in my G4 ) - I'll have a look at mach64 ( Still has issues with  
> firmware that doesn't setup the MMIO register aperture, like some  
> Apple firmware. This is a regression from XF86's driver which would  
> just access the registers through the main aperture in that case.  
> Also, some older mach64 don't even have the MMIO register aperture. )  
> and chips ( used in old powerbooks, the xf86 driver had some  
> endianness issues ) in the next few days, other drivers will have to  
> be tested by other people.

The ati driver works just fine, except when I quit X, it seems to hang
the kernel; it blanks the screen but then nothing happens.
It doesn't even respond to pressing the powerbutton (which should invoke
the shutdown procedure in recent kernels), and if the command I entered
from X was a shutdown, it does not continue to shut down the system, so
it's not just a bad screen reset.

I observed the same behaviour on the latest xorg from pkgsrc.
(only there the cursor is also shifted, which does not happen on native xorg)

This is on an iBook G4, with a Radeon Mobility 9200.

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