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Re: Building R-2.6.0 fails on macppc

On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 12:45:57PM -0600, jim smith wrote:

> Apparently that last bit, "relocation truncated to fit:" is the key.
> The compiler [as I understand it], can't handle it on this platform.
> One also cannot add "makeoptions CFLAGS="-mlong-calls" to the kernel
> conf and rebuild, as the -mlong-calls is not an option for the compiler
> on the macppc platform.
> Anybody had any luck getting around this for any packages?

Can you try using CFLAGS+=-fPIC in your Makefile, after cleaning, for

gcc(1) at me says:
           Produce a shared object which can then be linked with other objects
           to form an executable.  Not all systems support this option.  For
           predictable results, you must also specify the same set of options
           that were used to generate code (-fpic, -fPIC, or model suboptions)
           when you specify this option.[1]

To exclude that the problem is not of general nature I compiled R-2.6.0 on two 
platforms: i386 (NetBSD v3.1.1_PATCH) and amd64 (NetBSD v4.99.52) -- there 
anything went well.


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