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Re: Adding makemandb as build tool for man.db

On 10/31/18 1:07 PM, Martin Husemann wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 01:59:57PM -0400, Mouse wrote:
>>>> On slow/small enough machines you might want to disable cron
>>>> altogether (or all of daily/weekly/monthly).
>>> The smaller the machine, the more important proper house-keeping
>>> becomes.
>> Perhaps-- but opinions differ, shall we say, on what relation "proper
>> housekeeping" bears to "/etc/{daily,weekly,monthly}".  Personally, I
>> have negative interest in getting mail every day, week, and month when
>> there is nothing worth reporting in that mail.  But others disagree,
>> which is why that's easily configurable.
> Exactly. I don't think sysinst should do too much for this cases, but
> instead show a short document at the end that points to a (to be
> created) wiki page where we describe the details of configurations 
> for small / slow machines.

For slow machines, why not make those configurations the default?
I don't normally depend on NetBSD (or GNU/Linux) as anything other
than a hobby on any old system.  Usually, my thinking is along the
lines of "Let's see if the speed of NetBSD has improved any since
NetBSD x."  Or I'm checking whether the traditional installer works
(for the first time, it failed with NetBSD 8.0; it has always failed
when trying to write past the first gigabyte on a disk, but with 8.0
the filesystem that Mkfs created wasn't recognized after booting).

As for makemandb, I only noticed it was running after my first login
to try to find out why system response was so slow (makemandb ran for
at least three hours on an LC III).  And it took a long time to
create the initial SSH keys. So my preference as a regular user would
be to have everything documented in the installation guide, but then
have defaults (or at least options) in sysinst to enable better
performance.  And yes, for a slow system, that would include options
to enable ftpd and telnetd (maybe include a warning that those are
cleartext protocols and use tcpd to allow only the local subnet access
by default).


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