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Re: NetBSD 8.0 on a Mac LC III

On 10/4/18 4:47 PM, David Riley wrote:

> ...
> I’ll put these on my ever-lengthening queue of things to work on. I have a fair amount of low-level Classic Mac OS development experience, plus a legitimate copy of the Jasik Debugger, so I’m up to the task as long as I have enough round tuits.
> I’m also working on the details for a SCSI<->iSCSI bridge for vintage machines, which should help with both the speed of filesystems as well as the fact that real SCSI drives are starting to bite the dust. Even at 100Mbps (12.5 MBps) it’ll be faster than 5 or 10 MHz narrow SCSI and should support local SD cards as well.
> I’d like to also add support for EN/SC emulation for devices like the PB1xx series that don’t have a good way to do it otherwise, but I don’t know if we have driver support for that. Nor have I found any kind of documentation on the command set they used, plus my old Asante EN/SC seems to have evaporated into the ether, so if anyone has some leads on getting a real one, I’d be grateful.
> - Dave

Hi Dave,

I'd be happy to help with testing.  There's a SCSI2SD card (uses
a micro SD card up to 64 GB) that works pretty well on 68k Macs,
though I've had some problems with it on faster systems (such as
PowerMac 61xx). The SCSI2SD also didn't work using the traditional
method to install NetBSD (Mkfs in Mac OS just didn't see it for
some reason); I didn't test it with sysinst.  But it works ok an
a IIfx running Mac OS and Debian 3.1.

Linux 2.x seems to get around 200 KB/s on the Mac LC III; Linux 4.x
gets around 100 KB/s. NetBSD 8.0 installed from CD at about 25 KB/s,
though that included decompressing the tar files.

I have an Asante EN/SC and could help with testing of that, too,
though I'm not aware of any drivers for it (Linux or NetBSD).  And
the lack of documentation would likely be a problem.


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