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Re: NetBSD 8.0 on a Mac LC III

Update, more feedback...

On 10/3/18 10:54 AM, userm57%yahoo.com@localhost wrote:
> ... I'm using the sysinst method, which seems to be working, though
> slowly.

The sysinst installation succeeded, and I have a working
system.  I think I told the configuration not to use SSH,
though SSH was set to yes in rc.conf (and lots of time was
spent generating keys).  SSH is too slow for a Mac LC III
(thank you for continuing to support telnet and ftp, even
if they're not secure).  Adding telnet and ftp to your
sysinst configuration menu (maybe default to no) might be
helpful for new users.

For several hours after installation, the system built the
man pages database (I think the process was makemandb).  If
this could be done on the build system before distribution,
it would save time and create a better first impression of
login and response times on a system as old as an LC III.

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