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Re: Using pkgsrc with low RAM

On 7 Apr 2013, at 11:27, James Stocks <stocksy%stocksy.co.uk@localhost> wrote:

> On 7 Apr 2013, at 00:15, Brian <cymraegish%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>> Make sure the SIMM is FPM and double sided single banked. For 64MB would be 
>> same but single sided. 
>> If you want I could look for a part number. Right now tho I can't get to it 
>> it's buried under some other equipment that is busy working. 
> Thanks for the offer but I've already bought this:
> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/310410644920
> Hopefully it will work, but if not I will re-ebay it.  Just have to wait a 
> week or so for it to find its way across the Atlantic now!

If anyone's keeping score, the 128MB SIMM arrived and it is working.  The only 
problem: it's too tall to clear the heatsink on the 68040 by a few mm.  I ran 
it without the heatsink for a few minutes just to test and it wasn't getting 
particularly hot, but I expect I'll need to rig up a smaller heatsink from my 
box of bits.  Especially before I ask it to chew on pkgsrc again.  But, so far 
so good!

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