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Re: Using pkgsrc with low RAM

At 19:03 Uhr +0100 4.4.2013, James Stocks wrote:
>I'm trying to build lighttpd from pkgsrc on my Mac LC 475 which has 32MB
>RAM and 50MB swap.  I get as far as building pcre, where the build stops.
>From this log message:
>UVM: pid 29033 (cc1), uid 0 killed: out of swap
>I gather that I'm running out of available memory.  I read somewhere that
>putting CFLAGS+=-O0 in /etc/mk.conf would help, but it didn't have any
>effect (and I don't understand what it would do).

The assumption is that the optimizer uses a lot of memory. But you'd need
to replace the packages' default optimization level to see an effect.

>I realise that this probably isn't a mac68k specific problem, but I
>reasoned that many people on this list will have systems with small
>amounts of RAM and might be willing to offer advice.

First and best thing you could do is probably looking for a 64 MB SIMM (I
don't know if 72 pin SIMMs ever came in 128 MB a piece). Borrowing from an
old Volkswagen saying, memory is irreplaceable, except by more memory.

Second, you could grow your swap partition, or add a second disk with
another swap partition. But swap is slow, and at twice the RAM size, you
are looking at diminishing returns.

Let us know how it's going.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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