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Re: Netbooting mac68k

At 13:16 Uhr +0200 1.4.2013, Martin Husemann wrote:
>IIRC the bootloader can load the kernel via http

If you are talking about the Booter, it is BOOTP, although http might be an

> (but its been some time
>since I fought with it). So you'd only need a OS 7 or 8 with the bootloader
>on floopy, a dhcp server and the kernel on a local web server somewhere.
>The kernel can do dhcp/NFS itself if configured for "root on le0 type nfs".

Make that ae0 (most Nubus ethernet cards), sn0 (most on-board ethernet
adapters except the Quadra 840), or sm0.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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