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Re: Netbooting mac68k

At 22:44 Uhr +0100 30.3.2013, Karsten Kruse wrote:
>I understand mac68k can not netboot in the traditional way, simply
>because the firmware isn't clever enough. So, i have to boot a System
>7, tell it to boot my kernel which then configures the network
>interface and mounts the root filesystem via NFS. Right?


Given a proper dhcpd configuration, the Booter will fetch a kernel image
over the network, which can then mount its root over NFS. The mac68k list
archive should have instructions; www.netbsd.org has details on how to set
up the server side for netbooting.

>And how do i fit all that on a floppy?

You don't, unless somebody teaches the booter to work with System 6. Even a
pared-down System 7 with MacTCP and the Booter is too big for a 1.4 MB

Note that OpenTransport (v1.3 is the last version to run on mac68k) is
considerably faster for netbooting than MacTCP.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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