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Duo 270c

HI All-

I've finally come back around to working on getting a Duo 270c running NetBSD 
that I started about 7 years ago.  This time I actually made some progress.  
There are two failures with 6.0 that I need to address: getting X working and 
getting a Newer Ethernet MicroDock working.

Getting X working was a pretty simple fix, although I'm unfamiliar with all the 
ins and outs of the console driver model.  It seems a little convoluted, but 
that's probably because I don't fully understand it and has been worked on over 
the years by many different developers.  The failure was with the Xmac68k 
server trying to fill in the initial stipple pattern in the 270c's 640x480 
monochrome framebuffer.  It was page faulting about 80% down the screen - 
obviously the framebuffer wasn't getting fully mapped into the X server address 
space.  So, for whatever reason, the code to find the framebuffer size for the 
270c isn't calculating mac68k_video.mv_len properly.  In the macfb_cnattach() 
routine inside mac68k/dev/macfb.c I found the line:

        dc->dc_size = (mac68k_video.mv_len > 0) ? mac68k_video.mv_len : 
dc->dc_ht * dc->dc_rowbytes;

which I changed to:

       dc->dc_size   =  dc->dc_ht * dc->dc_rowbytes;

to get the X server mapping the full framebuffer.  Are there any mac 
framebuffer/console wizards who can direct me to the proper place to fix the 
mv_len calculation?

Next on the agenda is the ethernet MicroDock.  Currently I get:

netdock0 at nubus0 slot e: API Engineering EtherRun-Dock  Ethernet card for 
Macintosh Duo
: Ethernet address 00:20:a5:10:2f:21
sysctl_createc: sysctl_create() returned 22
: could not attach sysctl nodes

At which point the kernel booting halts and it just sits there.  Does anyone 
remember when the last time the netdock driver worked for them - at least I 
will have a starting place to look for what may have bit rotted.  I don't 
really have any idea how the network driver architecture works, so this will 
probably take a little time to figure out.

Thanks in advance,


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