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Re: any current projects?

>> [...] would it be possible to have mac68k kernels default to
>> white-on-black console instead of the inverse?
> No problem with the option, but I'd just hate that default, being a
> Macintosh user for 20+ years and all...

And I'm sure lots of NetBSD people hate black-on-white, being NetBSD
users for however long.

Clash of cultures: are NetBSD/mac68k users more likely to be Mac users
putting a toe into the NetBSD waters, or NetBSD users picking up Macs?
Seems to me that should control the default.

(I have no horse in this race.  I will not tolerate reverse video any
longer than necessary to build a kernel with it fixed, but I have no
problem with a port defaulting to it - I build my own kernels anyway.
As for the question above, I'm not really competent to say; if I had to
guess I'd guess the former is more likely.)

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