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Anyone interested in a Centris 650?

I have a Centris 650 that I bought in 1993, did some motherboard hack on in the
90s to make it think it's a Quadra 650, with an overclocked CPU (clip-on 
oscillator), that I used to use for NetBSD in the early 2000s.

It has 132MB RAM, 50GB SCSI hard drive (still boots off the original 250MB 
though), SuperMac high resolution video card (I was going to write a NetBSD
driver for this at one time - didn't happen), and Ethernet transceiver.

I'm trying to clean out my basement so if someone wants it you can have it for
the shipping cost. I will include a MacOS 8.5 CD and a 1995 version of 
Codewarrior (I can also include Think C 4, or Symantec C++ if you want that).

I haven't turned the computer on in about 2 years, but I will check it out 
I finalize arrangements with anyone.

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