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Re: Setup

On Wed, 15 Mar 2017 10:09:55 +1100
VK2FVAX <vk2fvax%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> Hi Aaron,
> That worked. Thanks! It has now IPL'd and I can almost read the dmesg.
> Sadly the dmesg text is Cyan on a paper white background (Any idea how
> to change this?) but it is working. I can't read it because my colour
> identification in my eyes is poorer than most peoples, but it does
> boot and look for an NFS root system.
> I took a photo with the camera and messed with the chroma levels in
> Gimp and that's how I was able to read bits. *Grin*

Happens on mine, too. This is the furthest this problem has ever gotten
as far as I know:


I tried compiling a custom kernel with different colors set in it, to
zero effect.

Another problem I can into is that ISA devices only seem to be able to
sustain 1 byte/second throughput... which made audio useless, and the
parallel port (I mostly used mine to drive a dot-matrix printer)
functional but painful.

Aaron B. <aaron%zadzmo.org@localhost>

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