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Re: What is COMPAT_FREEBSD in kernel config?

On 1/2/14, 12:25 PM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
I notice a line
in GENERIC kernel configuration file for i386, but not amd64 or sparc.

What does this do, and how do I run FreeBSD i386 binaries?  chroot to FreeBSD 

In case of chroot, what about device nodes?  FreeBSD has much more advanced 
way, dynamic as opposed to preassigned.

I could also ask about COMPAT_LINUX.


COMPAT_FREEBSD, last I tried, had just enough compatibility to allow the running of very old (freebsd 4 and earlier) statically-linked freebsd binaries on i386 - its primary use case, as I recall, was to run the FreeBSD version of tw_cli for old 3ware cards.

It's likely not very useful for modern freebsd binaries, unless someone updates it.


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