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Re: 6.0.1 upgrade dhcp problem

On 07/02/2013 12:40, Robert Elz wrote:
  | # dhcpcd --nohook mtu fxp0
  | dhcpcd[57]: version 5.5.4 starting
  | dhcpcd[57]: Kernel is not configured to accept IPv6 RAs
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: carrier acquired
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: carrier lost
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: waiting for carrier
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: carrier acquired
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: broadcasting for a lease
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: offered from
| dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: ignoring offer of from
  | dhcpcd[57]: fxp0: acknowledged from

This time I finally looked at that (rather than just seeing the addresses
were there and looked reasonable) - note that there are offers from and, which from your configuration is what
we expect to happen, dhcpcd claims to be ignoring the offer from
but then ack's that offer ???

Roy - is this just a case of printf error, or is there some real bug there?

I don't see how this can really be an explanation for what is happening
to your config, but I also don't know the code inside dhcpcd.

It could be a valid bug.
I'm unsure if it's a printf error or something more sinister but it wouldn't have any impact on the main issue being discussed here. I'll try and look into that over the weekend if I get some free time.



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