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Re: 80386 support

>> [...] include emotional attachment to the platform [...], a desire
>> to check the code I run on a wide variety of hardware, and the fun
>> of surmounting a self-imposed challenge.
> This is a good reason and I fully understand people who work with old
> machines for similar reasons.  I have my Cobalts too.


> It is just that i386 from the 1990s ("the infamous PC") is not
> interesting from the perspective of ISA or design or historical
> value...  Would you agree?

Most of them, yes.  There probably are a few that had various novel
things about them; my computing history is such that I never formed
attachments to such boxes - indeed, I barely touched peecees until
probably sometime around the turn of the millennium - and I'm generally
not aware of what those novel things are, nor which machines exhibit

I'm sure there are people who run peecees from the reign of the 80386
and feel about them much as I do about my 68k, SPARC, etc - or
especially VAX - hardware.

And then, of course, there are machines of very recent manufacture but
using 80386 (re)implementations for CPUs, such as the S-100 card whose
80386 indirectly got this thread started.

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