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Re: 80386 support

> Not to add fuel to the flame, but one thing I have never understood is WHY p$

All that means is, you're not one of that group.  There are lots of
things people do that are equally incomprehensible to me.

> I can understand why you might want to boot an old Vax into VMS, or even Ult$

Probably.  And if power consumed were all that mattered, most of us
wouldn't be using old VAXen at all.  There are probably almost as many
reasons to run the things as there are people running them; I don't
have a complete list of my own reasons, but three of the more prominent
pieces I'm aware of include emotional attachment to the platform
(nostalgia, if you will, though that seems to me like an incomplete
word for the attachments I have to the VAX), a desire to check the code
I run on a wide variety of hardware, and the fun of surmounting a
self-imposed challenge.  (As a simple example of how the VAX is useful
as an instance of variety, I think it's the only hardware platform I
have that doesn't use IEEE floats.  For some purposes that's a bug, but
for others it's a feature.)

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