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Re: 80386 support

Not to add fuel to the flame, but one thing I have never understood is WHY 
people want to even apply power to an ancient piece of equipment, which isn't 
even running the "native" OS for that equipment.

I can understand why you might want to boot an old Vax into VMS, or even 
Ultrix, but why do you want to power on a Vax to boot NetBSD on it?  Wouldn't 
the boot process itself take more power than a month of running a modern bit of 

Please keep in mind this question is coming from someone who loved the Alpha, 
and even the Vax to a certain point.  I feel nostalgia for these older 
machines, and can fully understand why people keep them (although my garage has 
been forced to be rid of older sparc, and even older x86 gear for space 
reasons.)  But to boot a foreign OS on them just because they are there and it 
can be done, seems strange to me.

Perhaps I have too little free time anymore...


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