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Re: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD

Michal Suchanek <hramrach%centrum.cz@localhost> writes:

> 2009/2/8 Alex Goncharov <alex-goncharov%comcast.net@localhost>:
>> ,--- You/Dima (Sun, 8 Feb 2009 07:41:11 +0300) ----*
>> | >    What are the most important advantages of NetBSD over FreeBSD?
>> |
>> | It is nice, but when your work is an administration of several
>> | server boxes via ssh - you are coming to hell with Free or Linux,
>> | you will blaim any developer included KDE instead of really simple
>> | and nice utilities. FreeBSD usually have them not in best state, and
>> | Linux usually don't have them at all.
>> So, guys, listen to a beaten man's advice: don't you joke with X.
>> Don't let the cute Gnome in your house.  And to hell with HAL. Or else
>> it's getting like Linux.  (I am biased here.)
> And how is NetBSD better than Free here?

It is simply better.

> pkgsrc upgrades suck badly. It is said that the right way is to
> 1) create a chroot to build new packages
> 2) build them
> 3) back up the old ones
> 4) try installing the new ones
> but you do not read this in the pkgsrc guide, and it requires large
> amount of disk space.
> If they followed this procedure on FreeBSD they would not get into any
> problems either.

Does FreeBSD ports subsystem support it at all? Last time I checked, it didn't.

You can do it in a less safer way, and it is still way better than on FreeBSD:

DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install clean
INSTALL_TARGET=package-install clean
UPDATE_TARGET=package-install clean

And use make update, pkg_chk or pkg_rr.

Yes, this could be better explained in guides, but this requires effort.
"Someone has to do it."

It is one of points, where one doesn't need to have programming skills to
contribute to the project.

It may stimulate further development, since practice may reveal problem
with the approach.


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