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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

der Mouse wrote:

I don't think NetBSD is appropriate for novice user desktop use, and I
see that as about as much of a problem as it is that my hacksaw isn't
appropriate for driving screws.

IMHO that analogy is misleading.  Unlike your hacksaw, a computer is a
general-purpose device, and people can run a wide variety of programs
on it.

Most of the programs needed to create a "nice" (for a suitable definition
thereof!) desktop experience are probably already in pkgsrc.  It doesn't
harm the expert users, nor the general philosophy of NetBSD, if someone
wants to build a "nice desktop" layer on top.

Similarly, the presence of a "Just Deal With It" mode in the installer
doesn't harm those of us who like to fiddle and tweak, but would make it
possible for people to install NetBSD who couldn't possibly be expected
to do so now.

I'd much prefer NetBSD focus on [...]
Of course, like everyone else (well, except core/board/etc), I don't
get to dictate which way NetBSD goes except to the extent I take it

As you yourself pointed out earlier, NetBSD is a volunteer effort, and
while efforts are shepherded to make sure that the O/S stays clean and
on track with its goals, ultimately, volunteers work on what feels
important to them.

Thus, if someone proposed changes which harmed the basic philosophies
behind the O/S, it would make sense to protest and criticize.  However,
if someone simply chooses to spend their own energy developing programs
to which you yourself would assign a low priority, it seems petty to
shoot them down.

All that being said, with respect to the proposal: yes, please!  That is,
I'll probably continue to install and maintain the O/S and most packages
in 'export mode', and I'm unlikely to waver in my loyalty to fvwm as a
window manager, but if a few of the "desktop tools" could be made a bit
easier to deal with, I'd be very happy.  I'm referring in particular to
firefox and its multimedia plugins, as well as tools for listening to
music and for handling files from that (shudder) proprietary O/S.

I wish I could help more, but I'll at least go subscribe to the
mailing list, and share my experiences where they seem relevant.


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