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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

> derogatory tone the original carried in its context.  (At work, I had
> occasion to set up a GUI desktop, and used FreeBSD; some would see this
> as a failing of NetBSD, but I don't, any more than I see it as a
> failing of my hacksaw that I don't reach for it to drive screws.)

I use NetBSD and FreeBSD desktops and from my perspective the post setup 
and continued maintenance of a friendly GUI desktop takes the same amount 
of effort. Two significant differences though: FreeBSD's installer offers 
opportunity to install third-party packages (X and more) so you can get 
extra software installed initially; and NetBSD's install offers plain base 
X but no packages.

I will assume that the Desktop NetBSD project will: 1) have packages 
easily available via initial installer; 2) provide configurations, themes, 
meta-packages, and post-setup all automatically to jump right into the 
good user interface; and 3) make it easy (even automatic to) upgrade 
NetBSD and the third party packages. One side effect will be more time 

  Jeremy C. Reed

echo 'EhZ[h ^jjf0%%h[[Zc[Z_W$d[j%Xeeai%ZW[ced#]dk#f[d]k_d%' | \
  tr            '#-~'            '\-.-{'

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