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Re: NetBSD and the Intel D945GCLF(2) board..

On 1/25/09, Martijn van Buul <pino%dohd.org@localhost> wrote:
> Hi,
>  My current router/home server setup is failing. It's an OpenWRT-based router,
>  using a USB disk for storage, and I'm getting sick and tired of having to
>  replace the harddisk every 9 months; obviously USB enclosures weren't meant
>  to be ran 24/7. In addition to that, my hardware is no longer supported by
>  OpenWRT, and OpenWRT was cumbersome to begin with, and doesn't really fit my
>  needs anymore. In other words, it's time for something new.
>  I'm currently considering using a PC running NetBSD as a router once again.
>  I've done this in the past, I know what to expect; the reason I stopped doing
>  so was the electricity bill. However, with these energy-friendly Mini-ITX
>  boards available, it might be the way to go.
>  I've got my eyes on the atom-based Intel Desktop Essentials board, more
>  specifically either the D945CLF or the D45CLF2, as I can get these for cheap.
>  While they are not ideal (It would be great to have more than one NIC..), I
>  think I can get around that, and the price makes up for a lot. Does anyone
>  have experiences with running these boards?

I've been using a soekris 4801 as a router and web server for a few
years with netbsd.  It is very light on the power bill and I've been
using the same cf card for at least a year while using this setup-
http://mspo.com/netbsdreadmostly.html to reduce writes.


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