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NetBSD and the Intel D945GCLF(2) board..


My current router/home server setup is failing. It's an OpenWRT-based router,
using a USB disk for storage, and I'm getting sick and tired of having to 
replace the harddisk every 9 months; obviously USB enclosures weren't meant
to be ran 24/7. In addition to that, my hardware is no longer supported by
OpenWRT, and OpenWRT was cumbersome to begin with, and doesn't really fit my
needs anymore. In other words, it's time for something new.

I'm currently considering using a PC running NetBSD as a router once again.
I've done this in the past, I know what to expect; the reason I stopped doing
so was the electricity bill. However, with these energy-friendly Mini-ITX
boards available, it might be the way to go.

I've got my eyes on the atom-based Intel Desktop Essentials board, more
specifically either the D945CLF or the D45CLF2, as I can get these for cheap.
While they are not ideal (It would be great to have more than one NIC..), I 
think I can get around that, and the price makes up for a lot. Does anyone
have experiences with running these boards? 

Martijn van Buul - pino%dohd.org@localhost 

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