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Re: cvs performance and interrupts

Hi Nick,

On 05/01/2017 13:19, Nick Hudson wrote:

To what version?

It is a 715/50 Scorpio and it running NetBSD 7.0 (I did not reinstall or update yet,. just updated pkgsrc)

You mean you just boot a new kernel with an old userland?

No it is a clean 7.0 install, the machine was running linux before a disk failure. It was running Gentoo Linux, so I was used to update sources from the network and then compile everything.
Kernel and userland are 7.0, I was updating pkgsrc

Are there any HP-PA significant fixes in 7.01 or 7.02 ?

Compared to? I looked at the changes between 6 and 7 and there are very few hppa specific changes.

Compared to 7.0 I am running now. Sorry, I inferred from your question that the version might be critical.

I can't compare to previous NetBSD versions on this machine. I remember how it was running Linux about 2 years ago and I do run NetBSD on similarly powered SPARC machines.

I did run another cvs update and it took again around 10 hours. Maybe the first time there were lots of changes after a long time, the second run was just the day after.


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