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Re: cvs performance and interrupts

On 01/04/17 08:35, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

I was able to start my faithful 715 again...

To what version?

after fixing disc issues (the SCSI cable went bad, I had to replace it with a similar one, but I long thought it was some other kind of HW issue and it took me a lot o tests).

I know that it is not the fastest box around anymore, however I run cvs update on pkgsrc and it took 12 hours to complete! I checked and the cpu usage with top and cvs was usually in biowait CPU state was 99% interrupt (or close to)

Is that "expected"? Or is there an issue in the ethernet or SCSI driver? I use other vintage hardware of that period and it is usually not that slow!

I checked "dmesg" and saw no errors listed (like timeous or other issues). No messages at all after root mount, this looks reassuring.



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