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Re: Black screen when booting netbsd-8

On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 13:38:58 +0000, Bj?rn Johannesson wrote:

>  >> In my "trying netbsd-8 on everything I have" time came to my Jornada
>  >> 690.  However I only get a black screen after hpcboot.  First tried
>  >> with the old build 14 I had on my CF then the new build 16 provided
>  >> by Sevan. Still no luck.
>  >> netbsd-7 works fine though...
>  >> Does any other hpcsh machine work?
>  >Can you try booting with serial console?
> I can't believe I actually found the cable. My middle name should be
> "missing cables" :)
> Anyways. It _does_ work when booting with serial console, and after
> booting has finished login prompts shows up on the jornada screen
> which had been totally black until then.
> However turning off serial console makes it not work again. It
> doesn't even get to the point where it lights up the LED in front of
> the keyboard.

Ok, thanks.  I'll try to test on my 690 if it's still alive, but I'll
only be able to do that next week.


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