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Re: Black screen when booting netbsd-8


On Tue, 7/25/17, Valery Ushakov <uwe%stderr.spb.ru@localhost> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Black screen when booting netbsd-8
 To: port-hpcsh%netbsd.org@localhost
 Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 2:35 AM
 On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 20:21:47 +0000, Bj?rn
 Johannesson wrote:
 >> In my "trying netbsd-8 on everything I have" time came to my Jornada
 >> 690.  However I only get a black screen after hpcboot.  First tried
 >> with the old build 14 I had on my CF then the new build 16 provided
 >> by Sevan. Still no luck.
 >> netbsd-7 works fine though...
 >> Does any other hpcsh machine work?
 >Can you try booting with serial console?
I can't believe I actually found the cable. My middle name should be "missing cables" :)

Anyways. It _does_ work when booting with serial console, and after booting has finished
login prompts shows up on the jornada screen which had been totally black until then.
However turning off serial console makes it not work again. It doesn't even get to the point 
where it lights up the LED in front of the keyboard.


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