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Latest try with Yeeloong

I've finally managed to build a more recent release and update.  Glad to
see all those wireless drivers ported from OpenBSD.

Before getting back to poking at the compat32 and sshd problems, I was
updating local pkgsrc tree and the machine panicked claiming that it
was asked to free an already free block.  I'll need to set ddb.onpanic=1
so it can stop long enough for me to transcribe.  In the meantime, some

The filesystem was ext2fs (shared with gnewSense on hard disk) under
heavy I/O load.

On reboot, drop into gnewSense so its fsck can clean up, then boot
NetBSD again.  Swap space is also shared, but savecore couldn't
find anything and complained about "bad namelist" or some such.  I'll
try to extract the errors soon.

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