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Re: Lemote Yeeloong observations

On Thu, 3 May 2012, John D. Baker wrote:

Since the machine currently dual-boots gnewSense and OpenBSD from the
disk, perhaps I should arrange to boot a NetBSD kernel from disk with
the root filesystem on an SD card (/dev/sd0) and use swap, et al from
the local disk.  (As soon as I can get another suitable SD card).

I picked up an 8GB SD card to use for the root and /var filesystems
(mounted -o noatime).  The kernel-generated fictitious disklabel for
the SATA disk indicated the swap, /tmp, /boot, and other (ext2fs)
partitions shared between gnewSense, OpenBSD, and now NetBSD.

Since bringing the system up entirely on local media, it has so far been
quite stable.  I built dependencies leading up to wip/sudo without a

Running 'visudo', however, resulted in a bus error.  This might be the
same thing discussed recently with sudo, sparc, and 64-bit time_t that
has been fixed in pkgsrc-HEAD.  I'll update and build "security/sudo"
and give it a try.

Still, I would never have expected its rather poor behavior when run

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