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Re: Lemote Yeeloong observations

On Fri, 4 May 2012, John D. Baker wrote:

Running 'visudo', however, resulted in a bus error.  This might be the
same thing discussed recently with sudo, sparc, and 64-bit time_t that
has been fixed in pkgsrc-HEAD.  I'll update and build "security/sudo"
and give it a try.

The updated "security/sudo" runs without problems.  Adapting the patch
to "wip/sudo" allows it to work as well.  It would appear that although
built as "evbmips64-el", userland is actually 32-bit?  That would seem
to explain the behavior similar to sparc which doesn't occur on sparc64.

There appears to be a problem with pty allocation--at least as far as
'sshd' is concerned.  Attempting to connect to the Yeeloong (LOONGSON
kernel) hangs at the client end and produces the following on console:

  sshd[pid]: error: do_exec_pty: Dup #1: Bad file descriptor

I have the standard complement of /dev/pty??.  Is ptyfs required instead?

Also, running 'ntpd' produces a regular cascade of:

  ntpd[pid]: step-systime: Invalid argument

Not sure what this indicates.  Is 'clockctl' not included?  I'll have
to check the kernel config.

Xorg complains about a missing symbol/feature.  Log file here:


Attempting to build "lang/perl" fails to produce an executable, but
it isn't really apparent until the package phase, which fails.  Very
long log file:


Thanks for hints, tricks, and tips.

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