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dc-burn-netbsd 1.3 & gxemul fun

I've been playing with writing a simple shell script to create
bootable NetBSD CD-images, with ramdisk kernels or full
root-on-iso9660 filesystem live CDs.

I've just pushed a new version of dc-burn-netbsd
https://github.com/abs0/dc-burn-netbsd which has a number of
potentially interesting changes
- create a Dreamcast live CD image "dc-burn-netbsd -k GENERIC -r base"
- burn the image to CD, or run under the gxemul emulator (-e)

It requires some of Marcus Comstedt's tools, so it is best installed
as part of the dc-tools pkgsrc package
http://pkgsrc.se/sysutils/dc-tools (1.3 or later). If you are not
using pkgsrc then it just expects scramble and makeip in the path as
dc-scramble and dc-makeip.

Note - if you are running NetBSD/dreamcast under gxemul you will
probably want gxemul-0.6.0nb3 or later from pkgsrc, which has some
fixes for creating the fake CD-Rom TOC, or apply the following to

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