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Re: Super-H machine language issues

>>> If PR is 1, SZ must be set to 0, but [it's effectively forced to 1]
>> Is this documented anywhere?
> That SZ must be set to 0 when PR is 1 is documented [...]

Yes.  But that the SZ-dependent instructions operate according to their
SZ=1 semantics when SZ=0 but PR=1 is not, as far as I can see,
documented anywhere.

> Table 7.10, on page 146, says that the format is 1111nnn001101101, as
> you guessed, so it looks like a cut'n'paste typo on p283.

Doh!  I really should have thought to crosscheck against one of the
other lists of instructions before bothering you with it.

My apologies.

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