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Re: Super-H machine language issues

>> For example, page 271 says (slightly reformatted) [...]
> [...PR...SZ...]

Actually, since you know this hardware better than the PDF (grr,
Hitachi, I really shouldn't need to ask on a NetBSD list to debug your
PDF!), maybe you'd be willing to check me on something else.

Page 283, describing FSQRT, says the PR=1 version of FSQRT is encoded
as 1111nnnn01101101, in sharp contrast to the way most PR=1
instructions use only three bits for a register number, forcing the low
bit (usually to 0, occasionally to 1).  Is this a typo, and it should
really be 1111nnn001101101, or is this an exception to the usual
pairing of registers when doing double-precision floating-point?

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