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netBSD DC self-booting CDR

I hope there are still folks out there who check this mailing list!

I managed to use instructions here:
as a guide to compile a bootable CDR. First I tried following the directions (for cygwin) exactly, but probably due to changes in the cdrtools program the makefile doesn't work anymore. I tried compiling under Ubuntu linux and that also didn't work to my satisfaction. Finally, I installed an ASPI .dll (back in Windows) and managed to get IP.BIN and 1STREAD.BIN files.

I then used the program Selfboot (by a gentleman named burner0, I believe) to create a Nero dao image which I then burned. Booted up fine. Shocked _expression_ on my face.

I have changed the makefile to compile the 5.0.2 sourcecode (might as well stay current!!). Seems to have worked just as well as all the above rigamarole.

Anyway, my question is this: in the distribution there is a collection of "sets" at DREAMCAST\BINARY\SETS

What are these things? I imagine they are precompiled binaries? I uncompressed all of the .tgz files into folders and was wondering how to arrange them in my CDR image. They each have similar folders (e.g. usr) so do I make one usr folder for ALL of them, or one for EACH?

My ultimate goal is to build an IDE interface and use a CF card to run whatever things (games, emulators, Firefox - you tell me!) are available for netBSD. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a complete n00b to netBSD (and just recently drank the Ubuntu Kool-Ade) so please forgive anything I've just written that is beyond stupid.

Thanks in advance!

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