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Re: Happy tenth birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

Eric Westfield wrote:

> We at Dreamcast-Talk are hoping that someone will make an ISO
> that can be downloaded,  burned and then bootable with the DC.
> Most of us do not understand how to download your NetBSD
> distribution and then make it a bootable burn.

Here is a quick and dumb note to make and
burn NetBSD/dreamcast 5.0.1 bootable CD-R
on Windows and Cygwin.
(caution: not fully confirmed yet and tested only on XP)


0. See Cygwin User's Guide first:

1. Open http://cygwin.com/
 Click "Install or update now!"
 and start installer

2. Choose A Donwload Source:
 Select "Install from Internet" and "next"

3. Select Root Install Directory:
  "Root Directory"         -> Specify directory for Cygwin ("c:\cygwin" etc.)
  "Install for"            -> Select "All users" or "Just Me" as you like
  "Default Text File Type" -> Select "Unix / binary(RECOMMENDED)" as noted

4. Select Local Package Directory:
 Specify directory you choose

5. Slect Your Internet Connection:
 Select per your environment

6. Choose A Donwload Site:
 Use an appropriate mirror

7. Select Packages:
 Click "view" button if you want to browse all packages.

 - Optional packages required for build:
   gcc-core     (3.4.4 is enough)



 XXX: maybe some more?

8. Progress
 It will take a few minutes

9. Create Icons
 Check buttons as you like

10. Start Cygwin
 Click "Cygwin" icon and get Cygwin's command window

11. Fetch a dumb Makefile to create CD

 $ mkdir dc
 $ cd dc
 $ wget -nc http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/dc-cygwin/Makefile

 (XXX: won't work with proxy)

12. Build and install cdrtools utility (for mkisofs and cdrecord)

 $ make cdrtools

 (XXX: fetching files won't work with proxy)

 It will take a few minutes again

13. Set blank CD-R media into your CD-R drive on your PC

 Here assuming that your CD-R drive is at primary on the secondary IDE.
 If you have a different one, edit the Makefile and change CDRDEV variable
 per output of "cdrecord -dev=help" command.

 (XXX: not sure what for USB one)

14. Create tools and image, and burn CD-R

 $ make

 (XXX: fetching files might fail)

15. Boot it
 Set the prepared CD-R into your Dreamcast and boot it

 Note some fragile GD-ROM drives might require several retries to read CD-R


Have fun,

Izumi Tsutsui

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