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Re: Happy tenth birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

Hello all,

I was at Dreamcast-talk.com for the 10th B-Day all night playing Max Pool and PSO online as well as surfing online with the Dreamcast (using the PlanetWeb 3.0 browser).

We at Dreamcast-Talk are hoping that someone will make an ISO that can be downloaded, burned and then bootable with the DC. Most of us do not understand how to download your NetBSD distribution and then make it a bootable burn.

I hope all had a great time!

Bob Dobbs

From: Harley Laue <losinggeneration%gmail.com@localhost>
To: port-dreamcast%netbsd.org@localhost
Cc: Josh Tolbert <hemi%puresimplicity.net@localhost>
Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:50:41 PM
Subject: Re: Happy tenth birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

> Hey guys,
> For those of you that don't read slashdot, which I'm guessing isn't many of
> us, today is apparently the tenth anniversary of the release of the Sega
> Dreamcast. Neat.

Well, it's the 10th birthday for the US release of the Dreamcast. Some of the
other guys who still Dreamcast homebrew were trying to get some more releases
for today, but it was mostly kind of a "Oh, crap, it's August and I just
realized that next month is the DC's tenth birthday! Gotta try to get
something I've been working on out the door!" Anyways, thanks to all the devs
that made NetBSD on the DC possible since I've had some fun playing with that
over the years :)

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