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Re: Replacement disk for RaQ 2

On Aug 27, 2010, at 4:04 PM 8/27/10, George Harvey wrote:


I've got a RaQ 2 that I'm planning to use for NetBSD but the original
disk is only 3.2GB so I'm looking to replace it with something a bit
larger. I'm aware of the power supply limitations, and the 137GB
capacity limit, so I'm looking for a low-power disk in the 80-120GB

Umm...what 137GB limit?


From what I've always experienced if it'll fit and you are not running the original Linux the only issue is power and heat.

If you are worried about the power supply you can do what I did and get a third-party power supply. IIRC this is the same seller I bought mine from:


Hell I'm even considering putting a SATA controller in one of mine and running a 1TB drive. These things make pretty good storage boxes.


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