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Replacement disk for RaQ 2


I've got a RaQ 2 that I'm planning to use for NetBSD but the original
disk is only 3.2GB so I'm looking to replace it with something a bit
larger. I'm aware of the power supply limitations, and the 137GB
capacity limit, so I'm looking for a low-power disk in the 80-120GB

I've previously used a 80GB Samsung SP0842N in another RaQ 2 but
that drive is no longer available. Current WD Caviar drives look
promising but I recently tried one in a Qube 3 and the boot PROM
wouldn't recognise it at all. Looking round the 'net, I also see
reports that recent Seagate Barracudas (7200.9 and later) won't work
in RaQ 3/4 systems while older models are fine.

So, any recommendations for drives that are known to work in a RaQ 2,
or any to avoid?


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