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Re: Off topic: Anyone using other operating systems on Cobalt Qube2/Raq2?

On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 4:36 AM, Glyn Astill <glynastill%yahoo.co.uk@localhost> 
> I'm a big debian fan, however for me it never really worked out on the qube2. 
> I wasted so much time on it, and I eventually gave up as the mips developers 
> didn't care about problems on the qube. Net bsd is so much more together.
> As I recall etch worked ok most of the time but crashed under load, and lenny 
> just slowly died after a couple of hours of uptime, (I think it was kernel 
> 2.6.26 - and I heard reverting back to 2.6.23 helped)

Thanks for the insight. I kinda wanted to try Debian since I'm not
getting very far with Gentoo, but I think I won't.

I figured that other stuff might pop up for mips since I guess there
is some push to get away from the licensing fees of other CPU
architectures. The Chinese are starting to build mips based
netbook/palmtop stuff here and there, usually with some form of Linux
on them.

NetBSD almost always just works provided that you can get it to boot
(a slight dig at macppc which I've been struggling with a bit lately).

These Qubes seem like nice development platforms since they are
getting pretty cheap, and it's pretty well known how to boot them now
that NetBSD has a good bootloader and there is CoLo as well.


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