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Off topic: Anyone using other operating systems on Cobalt Qube2/Raq2?

I got another Qube2 just in case the one I have dies. I really like it
and the price was right for a second one so I got it.

For the heck of it, I decided to try one of the other operating
systems on it, so I chose Gentoo. I got Gentoo running on my Linksys
DSM-G600 via fun plug and chroot, and it mostly worked. I had tried to
get it running on 2 separate i386 machines (both emulated), and failed
to get it to boot properly. So I didn't have high hopes.

I finally got it booting on the Qube2 but found that portage is
broken, and the man pages won't work because lzma can't be installed
due to some dependency problem... I don't really feel like trying to
fix everything so I'm pretty much done with that.

So I might try Debian, but I never particularly liked Debian.

Is there anything else other than the OS that comes with it?

NetBSD sure is nice. It just works, as usual. Hats off to the
developers. I'll probably end up putting it on the second one too.


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